The personal data requested is indispensable for providing the service described and will be used only for this purpose and for statistical elaborations. It will be kept for as long as necessary to provide the service and can be cancelled at any time, upon written request by the interested party by e-mail to info@pianosound.it
The data will be used by Pianosound s.r.l. Rimini.
Art. 13. (Rights of the interested party)
With regards to the use of personal data, the interested party has the right to:
a) know, thanks to free access to the register provided for in article 31, comma 1, letter a), when use is made of his or her personal data,
b) be informed of the provisions of article 7, comma 4, letters a), b) and h),
c) obtain, without delay, from the titular or person responsible:
1) confirmation of the existence of his or her personal data, even if not yet registered, and confirmation, in an intelligible manner, of exactly what data is being used and its origin, as well as the purpose and objectives of the use of said data. This request can be renewed, providing just causes exist, at a minimum interval of ninety days,
2) the cancellation or blocking of data used in violation of the law, including where conservation of the objectives for collecting and subsequently using data is not necessary,
3) the updating, rectification or, if required, integration of the data,
4) confirmation that those to whom the data has been communicated or diffused are aware of the contents of the provisions mentioned in 2) and 3) above, except when this is impossible or requires a use of means manifestly disproportionate to the right being safeguarded,
d) object, either partially or totally and for legitimate reasons, to the use of his or her personal data even if pertinent to the purpose of data collection,
e) object, either partially or totally, to the use of his or her personal data for commercial information purposes, sending publicity or direct sales, in other words, for carrying out market research or interactive commercial communication, and to be informed by the titular, when his or her data is communicated or diffused, of the possibility of exercising this right free of charge.
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