-Area classic-historians pianos-
This sector deals with pianos produced before 1950. The instruments, which include brands from all over the world, are of exceptional quality.
The cabinets are created using precious wood, often elegantly inlaid.
All the instruments listed below really are on display and for sale (only to dealers, restorers, piano tuners, etc)
- Pianosound means quality -
A Stodart cabinet piano, circa 1830, H = 200
Steinway & Sons, Carl Bechstein, Ed Seiler and Julis Bluthner are just some of the second-hand pianos delivered to our warehouses every month from all over the world.
These prestigious instruments, which have made the history of pianos, are now available at low prices that are accessible for everyone.
An extremely rare Steinway & Sons table piano, serial nr. 37002, 88-note ivory keyboard, three pedals, central tone.
(this is the only example produced)
A rare Robert Wornum grand piano, serial nr. 8335, 173 cm
A rare Robert Wornum cabinet piano, H = 167 cm
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